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FumeFX ModernUI

FumeFX ModernUI can help you to get started with FumeFX or to save time by reducing repetitive tasks. It's a macroscript for 3ds Max and comes with an installer.

Munich Filmworks

Since 2010 Munich Filmworks engages in the production of multimedia content. The main focus is on 3D and VFX (esp. dynamics and simulation). MF is also concerned with photography, image editing, tool developement and coding in general (C, Python, Maxscript, .NET).


Munich Filmworks originated from the collaboration of the two students Delano Osterbrauck and Wolfgang Wiedmeyer, who dealt with photography, videography and 3D in their spare time besides their economical and engineering studies. Delano Osterbrauck occupies himself with 3D, VFX (especially dynamics and simulation) and tool developement (C, Maxscript, .NET). Wolfgang Wiedmeyer devotes himself to photography and filming. As a passionate coder he also puts great effort into improving free software and enhancing privacy/security on the internet. We bring these different abilities together to raise Munich Filmworks to a new level and to contribute to other people's work and craft their visions as time allows.

Other work

In this section you will find work references in the field of photography.

Das Duell

"Das Duell" tells the story of Steven, who is chased by mysterious secret agents. He has to make use of all his special skills to protect his and his girlfriend's life. Although he does not know with whom he deals with, the agents seem to be very well informed about him and they do not hesitate to bring their destructive weapons into action.

Basic information

Genre: Action
Budget: ca. 500,00 $
Director: Delano Osterbrauck
Story/Screenplay/Producers: Wolfgang Wiedmeyer, Delano Osterbrauck
Leading role (Steven): Roman Hof
Second leading role: Thomas Wiedmeyer
Supporting roles: Philip Preißinger, W. Wiedmeyer, Nadine Knapp, Melika Shafii
Camera operator: Wolfgang Wiedmeyer
D. Osterbrauck
Music: David Reichelt
Sounddesign: W. Wiedmeyer, D. Osterbrauck
Make-up artist: Ingrid Saal
Cameras: Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Panasonic SD707

Movie posters

Extended Trailer

Movie Poster Breakdown


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1. How did you come up with the idea to do this stuff?
A: It originated from the delight in filming, photography and image editing.
2. Which cameras do you use for your shots?
A: We can use a Canon EOS 5D Mark II and a Panasonic SD707 for our film exposures.
3. When is the release of the movie?
A: Last year, there were not enough days of shooting because of several unfavorable circumstances and hence, we decided not to release a full short film, but an extended trailer, which presents the concept of the short film. In this way, the project can come to an end in a foreseeable time.
4. Why do you not number your camera equipment among the budget?
A: Every purchase, which we did not make explicitly for the trailer, is not numbered. Otherwise we would have to add the costs for our PCs and others which would be boundless.